This page contains a list of all our currently held licences. These each entitled us permission to do certain tasks legally. If you would like proof of each licence, please visit our download page for a scanned image of each licence.


Name of Licence Valid Until Date Issued

Blue Card

(Course in General Safety)

N/A 31/10/06

Competency in:








N/A 1/05/2009
Electrical Contractor Licence 06/07/2018 N/A
Master Cabler 21/06/2020 N/A
O.H.S. Certification: Workplatform N/A 15/09/2015

Refrigeration Handling

20/08/2019 N/A

Solar & Battery Installation

12/01/2018 N/A


For proof of the above licences, or for more details on each please download a scanned version of each from this page.